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Becoming Depressed

The air seems thick and resistant, as though it were full of mushed-up bread. Becoming depressed is like going blind, the darkness at first gradual, then encompassing; it is like going deaf, hearing less and less until a terrible silence is all around you, until you cannot make any sound of your own to penetrate the quite. It is like feeling your clothing slowly turning into wood on your body, a stiffness in the elbows and the knees progressing to a terrible weight and an isolating immobility that will atrophy you and in time destroy you.

– Page 50, The Noonday Demon (2001), Andrew Solomon


In depression, all that is happening in the present is the anticipation of pain in the future, and the present qua present no longer exists at all.
   Depression is a condition that is almost unimaginable to anyone who has not known it. A sequence of metaphors […] is the only way to talk about the experience.

 – Page 29, The Noonday Demon (2001), Andrew Solomon

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