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Embrace Your Misery

Endure and persist: this pain will one day be good for you.
In other words: “Welcome this pain, for you will learn from it.

 – Ovid (43 BC-17 AD), Roman poet
With gratitude to Marius De Romanus and The Noonday Demon


I felt sick. My body wanted to vomit this feeling out. I was looking for a false truth, hoping for dreams to come true. My lonely dreams. When clarity hit my face I felt sick to the bone. My throat was thick and feelings were pushing to get out. Now, I cry easily, so the stinging in my eyes was not news. But the sickness filled my body as a poison. Poisoned by my own mind, I had tricked myself as many times before. I am used to depression, but this wasn’t melancholy or sadness. I was hurt. I hurt myself… My confusion got the best of me. For the next minutes I suffered and then the hurt passed. It was a possessive feeling, reminding me of who I am.

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