Hope Contagium

A therapy journal of self-obsession, depression and meaning.

Tag: energy

L’existence est Difficile

The days gone by have been entirely different. Covered by negative energy, I haven’t had so much fun and laughter in ages. I haven’t felt more appreciated by others or more satisfied with myself than I have these last couple of weeks.

Falling Over

I remember during depression how, after an attempt of getting up from the bed, I landed in awkward and uncomfortable positions. Because I didn’t have enough energy to simply shift my position, instead I just collapsed. I remember a certain amount of stubbornness and tenacious patience in me connected to these collapses. I was stubborn in my despondency and patient because of my endurance of the gradual pain growing in me from the position my body had landed in. I just hoped and waited for help to come…

Sweet Sleep

Today I was hit by that deep depression. The one that devours the energy of your soul; it closes your eyes and makes you wish for nothingness which you try to obtain through sweet sleep. As in slow-motion I willingly give in and everything turns dark.

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