Hope Contagium

A therapy journal of self-obsession, depression and meaning.

Country of Duty

The day before you are sent out is hard to describe. You don’t quite know how to feel… Fear and excitement has passed my body and still mixed emotions are left. I try to convince myself of feeling pride, but what have I accomplished yet? Nothing. Come on! You’ve been training for this moment for so long. Mentally preparing yourself without going anywhere. But imagination is not near reality…
I said my goodbyes and as the train leaves the station tears fill my eyes. I know what I’m leaving behind I may never see again. I pray for my lover, my family, and dear ones. I finally pray for myself. I can already hear the gunshots. I can already smell death. It’s time to face the battle; it is time to let go of who I thought I was. There’s no turning back now… I welcome the war.

Everything and Ulla Vilstrup

If you can’t handle some hardship, you aren’t equipped to handle life
Life is what you make of it

– Alting og Ulla Vilstrup (1998) by Kim Fupz Aakeson
Danish author born in 1958

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