Take Heart

by marmaladescreams

This I can relate to even if I never did become a “full-blown” addict (there’s still time). Even at this moment I’m thinking about getting high so I can endure the emotions inside.
But having a past which isn’t exactly conversation appropriate and fills a great deal of your life, is also a struggle I know. In the dating-world it just sucks, it’s stupid and sad. You can’t escape the feeling of being different, not normal. Addicted to misery some have told me I was – not that it’s the same. I was always hurt when people said that…


by Mari Casey


The most difficult part of my recovery today, the most terrifying prospect in my life is not related to an urge to use or a potential relapse. It’s about dating. I’m twenty-six and single—a fun idea, right?—except I have four years clean, and just the thought of going on a date turns me catatonic. They recommend a year without sex when you first get clean. I didn’t do it then, but I might get it now, and not for lack of desire.

In my life, there are two major categories of potential suitors: people “in the rooms”— recovering addicts at the meetings—or “normies”—those strange creatures who can drink just one beer, maybe even hit one joint every now and again, normal people. I’ve dated in the rooms before. Pros: mutual understanding, shared experience, easy to meet. Cons: dating someone as sick as you are, and the whole…

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